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Welcome to our international visitors.
(Under construction)

We are a group of schnauzer owners living in the same area 30 kilometers( 20 miles) northeast of Stockholm.
By the dogs we got to know each other and found that we had a lot in common.
You will find more about that story in the History section ( Under construction) and also in About Us ( under construction)
We created the homepage most for fun and also to share some of the activities with the dogs to our friends.
Since the start in May 2007 we have seen an increasing number of visitors from all around the globe so we decided to add this section to all our international friends and guests.

Most of the texts are in swedish however we hope that you will enjoy some of the photos of our dogs.


Dagboken Diary

The Diary (Dagboken) is updated independently of the website.Its in swedish language but there are also some photos added.

Gästboken Guestbook

You are welcome to write in the gustbook ( english ) when visiting us.

Fotoalbom 2007 Photo Album 2007

Here you will find some of the photos from our whereabouts and activities.

How to contact us

You will find the email adress to all of us on the banner at the bottom.
You will also find the email adresses to each individual dog at the their pages.

Updated dec 26 2008 - Copyright 2007 Bergaschnauzrarna - All Rights Reserved |

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